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1800 Spanish 2 Reale
found on 9/18/99.
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   Hello, my name is Tony. Welcome to my humble web page. I live in a small rural town in northwest Alabama.  My hobbies are photography, metal detecting, hunting and fishing just to mention a few. I'm always working to improve my page. So check back often to see new stuff I've added to my page.
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Thanks, Tony.
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An old country church in Mississippi
 Photo copyright Tony's Photography
 Hale-Bopp comet 4/1/97.
As seen from my Dad's front yard.
Photo copyright Tony's Photography
Quotes To Live By
                                                                      K. Copeland    1/10/99

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 Photos of some of my finds.
The photos listed below are of relics and coins that I have personally
found with my metal detector.
*Click on photo numbers below to view photos.*
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Historic Indian Site Finds
   These two photos show a trade bell found at an indian village site with a metal detector. This bell and many more like it  was traded to the indians by the French for furs, grain, and anything else of value to the French. Notice the Fleur-De-Lis, (the stamp of  France) several places on the bell. The age of the indian village is mid-late 1600's to about 1730. Age of the bell is sometime in that era. (The penny is included in photo only for scale.)
   This photo shows some miscellaneous items found at the same indian village site. In the photo is an iron awl, used as a leather punch, engraver, and had several more uses. Also pictured are rolled copper beads and trinkets, copper flintlock parts, trigger guard, stock decoration and buttons. Lead musket balls, rose head nails, and a piece of indian pottery. This is a small portion of the items that were found. (The quarter is for scale only.)
   Photo #2 shows just a small portion of the glass trade beads found at the indian site. These I have strung to give a better idea as what they might have looked like. The beads were also traded to the indians by the French for goods. About 1500 beads were found at the village site. (The penny is for scale only.)
   This photo shows the larger white "dove egg" beads, along with some nice cobalt blue beads. Below the white beads are three flintlock flints, used on a flintlock rifle. All of which were traded to the indians by the French. (The dime is for scale only.)

    The French were not what you would call fair traders to the indians. For example the indians would have to trade a captured indian of another tribe or village as a slave for one rifle. (Just thought I'd throw that in.)

    These three photos are poor quality but it's the best I can do for now. This is a flintlock rifle that was found along with several extra flints and musket balls. One photo shows entire rifle, some parts like the trigger was not found. Probably already rusted away. One close up photo shows the original flint in the hammer. Notice on the last photo the butt plate with some of the wood remaining from the stock. The flintlock is in poor shape but what can you expect from being buried for about three hundred years.
Civil War and Military Finds.
   In this photo is a U.S. Eagle Breast Plate. Damaged long ago, this breast plate was found at about six to seven inches deep, at an old home where Union soldiers camped for several weeks. The button shown with the breast plate is an early military button. Possibly Civil War era, I'm not sure.

   I've been told that this is a Mississippi staff officer's button from the Civil War. The back mark on the back of the button shows that it was made in Columbus, Ohio. I'm not sure about what company made it. The two photos show front and back of the button.
    If you can help with any information about the button, please email me.


This photo shows a scabbard tip, brass shell casing, and a few minnie balls. These items were found in a pasture. All are Civil War items. They don't look to bad to have been in the ground for one hundred and thirty some odd years do they?


Photos of some of my coin finds!
   These are photos of some of my coins that I have found with my metal detector over the years. Each coin has a story of its own to tell. Most of the coins were found at different sites under different circumstances. The amazing thing about this hobby is being able to recover a small piece of the past that has been forgotten forever. There is a indescribable feeling that you have when you dig up a coin or relic that someone long ago has lost or left behind. Just knowing and realizing that the person that last touched the object is long gone and sometimes has been forgotten themselves. If the coin or relic could talk. Man what a story that would be.
 The photo index linked to the words below will be growing. So keep a check on  new additions.
All coins relics and artifacts featured on
this Web site were found and recovered on
private property with the permission and
total consent of the property owners.
   A very good friend of mine and metal detecting partner passed away January 8, 1998. Kenneth Cantrell and I shared many detecting trips together. But he had been a life long family friend before we started metal detecting. Kenneth loved the hobby and was always eager to go th'ing in almost any weather. If they have metal detectors in Heaven, I'm sure he is using the best and finding the most. I hope he saves some for me.
  The coin photo linked below is Kenneth's last coin find and probably his best. He found this 1916-D Mercury Dime on Saturday before he passed on Thursday. The dime even though it is badly worn is worth several hundred dollars.
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